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As a family- owned and managed company we believe in a clear and simple moral foundation driven by
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About Seventy Ninth Global

We provide exclusive marketing services for all Seventy Ninth offerings.

The Seventy Ninth Portfolio



Specialising in the acquisition and redevelopment of undervalued assets during times of economic turmoil and uncertainty.


Private Equity Fund

This regulated, Gibraltar domiciled offering specialises in the purchase and redevelopment of undervalued assets in the UK property market.



Targeting renowned, undervalued leisure parks, setting the industry standard for partners in an untapped real estate market sector.


The Commercial Property division redesigns and refurbishes UK assets, providing affordable, flexible, and safe SME environments.


One of the largest developers of natural resources in West Africa, focused on generating opportunity and creating value.



Offering unrivalled, innovative projects in the UK property market, trusted by clients globally.

Risk Management

The Risk Management division offers bespoke insurance-based solutions to worldwide clients.

Global DMCC

Global DMCC is a direct equity offering that gives partners the opportunity to participate in the exceptional growth opportunities of the commodities business.

Meet the Seventy Ninth Global Team

Our success is driven through the collective & collaborative efforts of our amazing team members.

Why Seventy Ninth Group?

When you choose Seventy Ninth Group, you obtain:

Unrivalled Experience

You are backed by the team of experts with 50 years of collective experience who are on hand wherever you are in the world.

Peace of Mind

By choosing to work with a family-run company, you are backed by the values of honesty, trust, and integrity.

Client-Led Options

The team provides solutions through select client-led offerings, designed for the end client.

A Suite of Support

For your success, you gain access to the sales, marketing, and administrative support of the company.

A Truly Global Network

A network of finance professionals over the world already achieving great success.

Our Partners' Stories

18th October 2023

79th Golf Invitational 2023:
The Event in Motion

21st October 2022

Seventy Ninth Golf Invitational

7th September, 2022

Cocktail Party at the Tower Club,

February 1st 2023

DMCC Launch Event
United Arab Emirates

The Seventy Ninth ESG Focus

ESG, short for Environmental, Social, and Governance, is our partners’ way of showing that they care about the planet and people. They strive to be eco-friendly, to treat the employees and communities well, and make fair and responsible decisions. This helps them to do better in the long run and makes the world a better place.
They prioritise comprehensive assessments of potential harm to the natural world, encompassing social impact studies, ecological surveys, and environmental risk evaluations. These efforts harmonise with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), affirming their dedication to a sustainable future.
They have vowed to:
  • Fund the creation of a local school, medical centre, and medical staff
  • Offer local employment and pay a fair wage
  • Supply tools and equipment through agricultural possibilities
  • Provide clean water and environmentally-friendly reusable bottles
They operate in a legal and transparent manner. This means that the company chooses only to work with the most trusted and well-respected brands to mitigate risks for both the business and partners.

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