"Gold is becoming an important commodity in Guinea, and international funding for exploration in the country is increasing significantly."

KPMG – Guide on the mining sector in Guinea.


Seventy Ninth™ Resources (previously known as Lusso Tesoro) is a division of The Seventy Ninth™ Group.

Seventy Ninth™ Resources (previously known as Lusso Tesoro) is a division of The Seventy Ninth Group, a UK-based, family-owned asset management business with a proven track record in delivering substantial returns in distressed markets.

Founded by entrepreneur David Webster and his sons Jake and Curtis, Seventy Ninth Resources has its roots in humanitarianism and is currently one of the fastest growing natural resource companies in West Africa. After nine years of operating in the sector, our family-owned and managed company has been awarded Best New Business by the Best Business Awards, as well as Outstanding Fast-Growth Business by the Global Business Excellence Awards.

Key facts


Incorporated in seven countries across the Globe.


Years experience in the industry.


Mining concessions owned and a further 3 under reserve in Rep. of Guinea.


In identified gold deposits in neighbouring mines to Anglo-Ashanti.


Target mining concessions before end of 2022.


Accreditations from leading organisations.

“I’m coming to the end of my career and it would be great to look back and say that was the project where everybody did the right thing at the right time’’

Bill Kellaway | Chairman – SRK Exploration

Bill Kellaway | Chairman 
SRK Exploration

Why Gold

Why invest in Gold?

Gold is one of the truest stores of value and has been used by way of currency for thousands of years. In more modern times, gold is a major financial asset used by countries and central banks by means of hedging against loans.

320 Tonnes

Each year over 320 tonnes of gold is used in the electronics industry amounting to some 8% of global demand.


Central Banks increased their purchases of gold by 82% in 2021.

Two year high

In 2021, gold demand hit the highest level in more than 2 years at some 4,021t.


The SRK Group are an independent, international consultancy with 45 offices around the world and having worked on over 20,000 projects.

SRK are key players in the fields of:

With an ongoing relationship with 79th Resources, SRK provides the reports that, with SRK’s world-renown reputation, carries considerable weight with financiers, regulators, stock exchanges, joint venture partners, and banks.

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Appointed Representatives

Mandiana Auto
Gold - 23.656km²

Lusso North Mandiana
Gold - 44.78km²

Mandiana Recherche
Gold - 23.829km²

Lusso North Siguiri
Gold - 48.47km²

Lusso South Siguiri
Gold - 44.78km²

Anglo-Guinea Resources Siguiri
Gold and Associated Minerals. - 83.754km²

New England Mining Dinguiraye
Gold and Associated Minerals. - 41.533km²

London Hope Mining Dinguiraye
Gold and Associated Minerals. - 98.814km²

Anglo-Japan Mining Kouroussa
Gold and Associated Minerals.- 99.528km²

Lusso South Kankan Auto
Gold and Associated Minerals.- 90.161km²

New England Mining Mandiana
Gold and Associated Minerals.- 41.533km²

79G Anglo Guinea Resources Kerouana
Iron - 293.447km²

Future Resources
Diamond - 14.187km²

79G Anglo Guinea Resources Kindia
Bauxite - 211.160km²

Woodpecker Da-Pi
Bauxite - 471.048km²

Woodpecker Woke
Bauxite - 317.324km²

All concessions are first handled by SRK who give prior approval before the purchase of any concessions which grants confidence for the levels of mineralisation and lessens risks to partners and investors.


Our success so far.

Seventy Ninth™ Resources has over 1,995 square-kilometres of land under concession in one of the world’s most mineral-rich regions of the Siguiri Basin, Republic of Guinea. Dave Webster (Chairman) and his two sons, Curtis and Jake Webster have unparalleled preferential access to some of the world’s most lucrative, untapped gold and mineral mining concessions through their connection with local communities and tribesman and their commitment to ESG principles for the betterment of the local people that affords them extensive goodwill.

ESG and compliance.

As a family-run company, one of our values is ‘Integrity’ and this feeds into everything we do and extends to our fellow humans, wildlife and environment. When we plan to acquire a concession we do so with the preconception of how to give something back to the community.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance policy is at the heart of 79th Resources and, over the past year, we have committed to regenerate an entire village, provide essentials in health care and education, offer well-paid employment to locals and fund the creation of animal sanctuaries.

Accredited by internationally recognised bodies such as the United Nations Global Compact, Green Mark, and the International Organisation for Standardisation, we ensure we align to their best practices, policies and procedures, enabling us to operate in the most sustainable manner.


Frequently Asked Questions

With the current global uncertainty, banks are derisking and thus not lending to new ventures. Also, bank finance can take many months to acquire the necessary funding and our model is based on our flexibility to move quickly to acquire concessions as and when they are offered. This is our unique ability in West Africa.

To ascertain a resource estimation requires many series of drilling programs to build a comprehensive technical survey or a NI43-101 Report. However, no geologist can acquire a level of report to justify how much gold mineralisation has occurred on any concession. SRK believes there is potential for the same gold anomaly, that runs through a neighbouring concession owned by Anglo-Gold Ashanti, to run through our site.

Within 3 to 6 months and after more exploration and drilling, we can begin the extraction of minerals through a small to medium-sized mining operation.

With our unique and unparalleled ability to acquire distressed concessions at low cost, as well as our team of global expertise, we aim to develop our concessions’ value through mineral exploration to provide returns for our investors.

After injecting 7,000,000 GBP of personal funds, the Websters have opened 79th Resources to private funding to enhance and develop their exploration program whilst, at the same time, giving great returns for investors.