Seventy Ninth™ Commercial is a property division dedicated to the acquisition, renovation and management of commercial office assets.


About Seventy Ninth™ Commercial

Seventy Ninth™ Commercial is a property division which was launched in 2021 and is dedicated to the acquisition, renovation and management of commercial office assets across the United Kingdom. Following two years of turmoil in the commercial property market caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Seventy Ninth Commercial’s strategy is to predominantly meet the demand of SME (Small Medium Enterprise), by designing and implementing a flexible office model across all of our commercial assets, which provides SMEs with an affordable, flexible and safe environment to work.

Our track record


of property development on the way.


trusted by over 500 clients globally


Properties managed by Dave Webster at the height of his career.


retention rate with our investors.


more than £1bn of property transacted since 1980.


repayment of interest and capital.

Our Business Model

The Seventy Ninth™ Commercial business model works to acquire distressed property then release at a higher value after redevelopment.

1 — Targeted

Our experienced team located and undertake due diligence on a distressed asset.

2 — Capital Raised

Contracts are exchanged and funding for the project's acquisition and development are raised.

3 — Site Purchased

Funding is deployed to acquire the project and progress with it's development and construction.

4 — Construction/Exploration

Development and construction or exploration works on the project are undertaken by our team.

5 — Project Complete

The project is either sold or refinanced and retained within our portfolio.

Adding Value

How do we add value?

Seventy Ninth Commercial are very experienced in obtaining significant discounts on property sales by capitalising on distressed and quick turnaround sales and have a proven track record with numerous with Estate Agents, Law of Property Act Receivers, Accountants, Law Firms, and a network of blue chip housebuilders that seek to reduce stock levels.

The purchase strategy is to acquire buildings that have the opportunity to significantly improve the value, but at the very least with an immediate uplift in equity value with solvent ownership. 

The properties that are acquired have to meet one, or several, of the following criteria:

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Our Strategy

The Project

About the project

79th Commercial is a subsidiary of The 79th Group, an award-winning asset management company headquartered in the United Kingdom. 79th Commercial is a property division dedicated to the acquisition, renovation and management of commercial office assets across the UK.

Following two years of turmoil in the commercial property market caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, multinational companies are now restructuring their workforces to homeworking, and disposing of their commercial offices at a significantly reduced price point which aligns perfectly with our distressed acquisition model.

79th Commercial has been presented with lucrative acquisition opportunities of commercial office properties, in which our strategy is to redesign and refurbish assets to accommodate multiple office units for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).


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